Journey Back to Belonging

Do you often distract yourself with things like social media, alcohol, drugs, or food to cope with daily stressors? Are you tired of constantly numbing out to escape your reality? Do you feel lost or out of touch with yourself, as if there’s a fog separating you from your life? This is the status quo nowadays. Numbing out is a common and completely human response to our confusing and disturbing world.

Sick of sleepwalking through your life? Stop numbing out and come back home.

Journey Back to Belonging is an 8 week group coaching program designed to help you:

  • Reconnect with the real you
  • Uncover what you really want out of this life
  • Navigate the world and your relationships with greater ease and self-assurance, without the constant need to numb
  • Feel a sense of home within yourself

This program includes four pathways: Knowledge, Respect, Love, and Embodiment. (Details on this below.) Throughout the 8 weeks, we’ll explore each pathway, what they mean to you, and how you can apply them. You’ll gain positive psychology wisdom as it relates to these ideas. Think of this as a roadmap back home.

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“Another great session. Mary Kate brings such a beautiful calmness to the group. It’s an uncommon mix of tranquillity and exuberance, and it creates a lovely atmosphere for connection.”

– Joanne R., New Jersey


what is group coaching?

Group coaching is an affordable and effective way to feel supported when dealing with life’s challenges. As the coach, Mary Kate will ask questions to spark awareness, provide guidance, and share resources to help you and the group work through your challenges together. A group dynamic enables a strong sense of connection. Plus, you’ll benefit from the collective wisdom and perspectives of the group, which can lead to mutual growth and support.

what can I expect?

  • An intimate group of 5 women ready to make positive changes
  • An online space that inspires connection among the group
  • Meaningful and insightful conversation around each pathway
  • Inspiration to take aligned action

“Mary Kate is such a gifted coach and facilitator! Before joining Mary Kate’s group coaching, I had only ever done one-on-one coaching. I was amazed at how impactful and empowering Mary Kate’s group coaching sessions were!  She creates a warm, safe environment and brings a beautiful energy to the group. I’ve already signed up for more group sessions!”

– Amanda B., Tampa Bay, FL

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session breakdown


Understand your mind chatter so you can better work with different types of thoughts. Learn to adopt a curious and life-enhancing mindset. Gain a more resilient thinking style. Weeks 1-2 will be dedicated to this pathway.


Identify the role of self-respect in your life. Understand the relationship between self-respect and self-care. Clarify your values and begin to live in alignment with them. Weeks 3-4 will be dedicated to this pathway.


Define what it means to love yourself. Begin to cultivate unconditional positive regard for all of you, especially the parts that need it most. Strengthen your capacity to give and receive love. See yourself as whole, not a bunch of broken bits. Weeks 5-6 will be dedicated to this pathway.


Learn ways to feel alive and connected to your whole bodymind. Awaken your inner wisdom through stillness and gentle movement. Harness the power of your intuition. Begin to trust yourself and live from a more assured place. Weeks 7-8 will be dedicated to this pathway.

“You always ask the right questions at the right time. I adore your humor and ability to think so fast. Thank you for your empathy and kindness!! Your words live in my heart and mind.”

– Mara L., Berlin, Germany


program dates & times

The next cohort dates are to be determined. All sessions will be held over zoom and will be recorded. If you miss a session, you will have access to the recordings until the end of the program.

In the meantime, fill out the form below to see if this program is right for you. Mary Kate will contact you with more information.

“Mary Kate is an incredible coach and I would highly recommend working with her. She has the gift of deep listening and the ability to leverage powerful questions to help you tap into your inner thoughts and pull out deep insights. Mary Kate has a versatile tool box that she leverages to help you gain greater clarity. She readily gave me the space I needed to think out loud and offered just the right amount of inquiry, support, and encouragement to keep me moving forward.”

– Stacy F., Boston, MA


Journey Back to Belonging is a $439 investment (USD). This can be paid in full or in three monthly installments of $146.

  • A workbook with all of the information covered in the program
  • Evidence-based positive psychology information, activities, and self-assessments
  • 8 intimate group coaching sessions
  • A VIP 1-1 coaching session with Mary Kate