Leadership Trainings

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Experience the positive ripple effect of mindfulness in the workplace. This training begins with the breakdown of this buzzword and evidence to support a mindful work environment. As a leader, you’ll set an example for your employees to focus on their well-being and create an environment where they’ll feel free to do so. With this training, you will enrich interpersonal and team dynamics, enhance the quality of work, and optimize your organization’s productivity.

Applying Strengths in the Workplace:

Take advantage of your employees’ unique combination of strengths in the workplace. Employees complete a validated strengths assessment and learn practical ways to apply their strengths in their daily lives. Results spark camaraderie and creativity among your employees by optimizing each person’s abilities. Leveraging strengths in the workplace increases employee engagement, which leads to better quality work, happier employees, and a sustainable organization.

Workshops & Courses

Whether it’s a one hour workshop or multi-week course, these sessions take a deep dive into the science of wellbeing and ways to enrich your life with positive psychology practices. From fostering resilient thinking to invoking positive habit change, and everything in between, I provide engaging and realistic strategies to improve your mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellbeing. Let’s work together and customize a workshop for your university retreat, private practice, or local community. Interested in a course? Please shoot me an email for more information.

Topical Talks

Use positive psychology—the science of human flourishing—to foster growth and holistic well-being in your team, organization or student body. With your input, I’ll create a custom lecture that makes life-changing practices attainable and the science that backs them understandable. Together, we can empower your people to become their best selves.

My talks are best suited for:

  • Conferences
  • Public & private events
  • Company meetings
  • University lectures
  • School assemblies
  • Classroom settings
  • Youth camps