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Hello! My name is Mary Kate Schutt. I am a positive psychology practitioner, speaker, facilitator, and educator.

I offer tools to help you activate your fullest potential and live a happy, authentic, and meaningful life. My approach bridges everyday practices with up-to-date research, evidence-based strategies, and positive psychology theory.

Interested in enhancing your well being? Creating an environment that supports employee wellness? Sustaining a healthy mind, body and soul through on-going education? Let’s get started!

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“I had a low-interest level in this workshop. I figured it was going to tell me the same things I read on Facebook every day: Self-Love and Breathing habits. Though both of these things were incorporated I was genuinely surprised at the level of interest I had throughout the workshop. I think It was the right length and I genuinely feel like I learned about myself. I was intrigued throughout the whole conversation and I learned a lot.”

– Julia F., Syracuse, NY

“Overall, this event was very enjoyable for me. I found it very informative because it helped me to relate to my own experiences and was also very insightful. Mary Kate was a great speaker and clearly holds a lot of knowledge on positive psychology and emotional control. She was happy to answer questions at the end too which helped myself and other gain further insight into the topics she covered. I would recommend attending any of Mary Kate’s talks in the future.”

– Tyson B., Syracuse, NY